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What's in the name?

Biking through Burgundy, company founder Sasha Alyson, had an opportunity to compare biking notes with a Frenchman who was cycling along the same road.


This GAY FRANCE site is sponsored by Alyson Adventures, 4-time recipient of the "Editor's Choice" award from Out and About, the gay travel newsletter.



To some people, holiday means relaxing on the beach. Others want their holiday time to be an opportunity for new experiences and new friendships.

Alyson Adventures was created for that second group -- though we're not adverse to an afternoon on the beach now and then, either! This site, which supplements the main Alyson Adventures website, was created to provide more detailed background and preparatory advice for participants on our popular biking trips in France

Why should you trust us with your hard-earned holiday time and dollars? And what should you expect from us? Our name tells you more:


Founder Sasha Alyson has a long history in the gay community. In 1980, he started one of the country's earliest gay publishing companies. Alyson Publications quickly became the leading producer of gay and lesbian books, with an emphasis on providing books for gay teenagers (such as Reflections of a Rock Lobster and One Teenager in Ten); and for children, including the controversial Heather Has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate, and The Duke Who Outlawed Jelly Beans.

Sasha also founded Boston's gay newspaper, Bay Windows, and in 1987 initiated an industry-wide program to publish the book You Can Do Something About AIDS, which became the most widely distributed AIDS book of the time. His varied activities have won him awards as diverse as the James Baldwin Award for Cultural Achievement from the Greater Boston Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance, and "Publisher of the Year" from the New England Booksellers Association - and a rock climbing medal at the Gay Games.

As one of the country's leading gay entrepreneurs, he has appeared on Larry King Live; been published on the editorial pages of the New York Times; and was named to Out magazine's "Top 100" list of influential gay men and lesbians.

Sasha sold his publishing company in 1995. At the time, he had recently organized several bike trips in France with friends, and decided to develop those experiences into a new career.

Present and future cyclists compared notes while biking in Provence, France.


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About this site


Our trips are active holidays, full of options and opportunities. These activities make it easy to get to know others in the group. Nothing is more natural than striking up a conversation with someone as you stop at a crossroads, and decide whether to stay with the easier "official" route or strike out an a more challenging option.

Moreover, we look for the right balance between planning enough that you don't waste your time waiting for things to happen, while still leaving room for the chance encounters and unplanned adventures that often become the highlight of a vacation or holiday. This is particularly easy in France: Cycling is the national pasttime in France, and cyclists get a level of respect undreamed of in the U.S. When you bike in France, you'll find the French are eager to strike up a conversation - even if the language differences require a lot of sign language.

In short: If you're ready for a different vacation, one where you'll eat well but come back in better shape than you left; where you'll make new friends of both Americans and the French; and where every day brings new options - including the chance to turn a corner without knowing what's ahead - then give us a try. See out why Out and About, the respected travel newsletter, gave us their Editor's Choice award for Gay Adventure Travel.


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